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It is very stupid of you that you have formed the habit of condemning
churches and people’s beliefs. This is not the first time you are
condemning a church or people to hell, you once said famous preacher
and philanthropist, Prophet T.B. Joshua is the son of the devil and
his followers will go straight to hell. Now you have condemned
Catholics too. I may not be a staunch catholic faithful, but I was
raised and brought up in a catholic way and I don’t think I will allow
my belief to be trampled by cowards like you. It is quite unfortunate
that people in your church still have much confidence in you after you
must have divorced and got married for the second time.


Firstly  I am seeing you as a fool for saying all Catholics will go to
hell. I still don’t understand why we will go to hell, because to me
your opinion is baseless.  You said Catholics eat bread every Sunday
and crucify Christ every Sunday. Please Rev Chris; does Catholics
purchase those breads
from your bakery (If you have any). Sorry, let me
educate you, it’s called “communion”. Catholics eat it in the
remembrance of what Christ practiced with his disciples.

Secondly, you said that the recent Pope Francis is an Anti-Christ who
does the job of the devil. Well, I can’t argue with you on this and at
the same time I can’t agree with you. But how do you know this pope is
doing the work of the devil? Have you dined together with him and the
devil? This makes it so obvious that you are a confused semi-mad man
speaking out of tone. Do you even listen to yourself as you speak? Do
you even think before you speak or do you just blab all the “rubbish”
out of your stinking mouth in other to be maintaining the cheap
popularity which you have created for yourself?
Again, you are conducting a beauty pageant in your church. This
particular one is very funny. Now I understand the reason you divorce
all the time. After conducting the beauty pageant in your Household of
God Church, then you will divorce your recent wife and marry the most
beautiful girl in your church. Then who will go to hell? Me writing
this, the pope who has never condemned you, the catholic followers who
have not said anything wrong about you and your church, (even if they
do, I don’t think it has been to the media) or you who keep committing
so many ungodly atrocities? Judge yourself!
Now who even told you that Catholics worship Virgin Mary? I think you
say all these things to make your followers believe you are leading
them to the right part and also to maintain the amount you get from
the so called offerings, seeds and tithes your church members pay every
Sunday. Sorry, Catholics worship God and respect Virgin Mary as it was
through her that Christ was given birth to. We are made to understand
that through Christ we will go to heaven. Then why won’t the woman
whom God considers to be chaste and whom God thinks it’s
through her that the savior of the world will be given birth to. Be educated once more.
Even after blabbing and dropping your baseless opinion, you went
straight to your twitter page to update that Truth is bitter, it lacks
saccharine delights” Please what is the truth, That marrying 2 wives
and divorcing them and trying to marry another? Is it in your Bible to
divorce a wife?  You are a politician, and I was brought up to believe
that politicians are liars, so why should we believe in your half-baked
truth? Seriously I still see you as a confused man, are you a
politician, a celebrity of a reverend?
I’m a catholic and won’t allow my belief to trample by people like who
are still chasing shadows. People who still don’t know if they want to
serve God or Marmon, I still wonder if this is what you preach to your
so called followers who will go to heaven? Then if it is I think you
are deceiving them. I don’t know if your own bible is still the same
with what Christians read every day, because I know that Romans 2:1
says “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone
else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning
yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things” but you
have definitely judged and condemned Catholics.


Sorry, if you are
frustrated and don’t know what to say: then, “Go and Die”.

Anozie Chibuike is a graduate of Information Management Technology. He writes from Owerri, Imo State.

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