Black Boy Review

A WORK OF ART by Akuchie Gerald



You are a work of art.
I can’t help but stare, only stare.
If the words of my mouth pronounce you beautiful,
I’ll be limiting your perfection.

Your pink succulent lips;
The colour of your eyes; deceptive.
Eyebrows like a barbie.
Shape of your nose I envy; pointed.
The colour and length of your hair is what I love;You are a work of art
I can’t help but stare.
If I say you are Beautiful,
I’ll be limiting your perfection
Your pink succulent lips
The colour of your eyes; deceptive
Eyebrows like a barbie’s.
Shape of your nose I envy; pointed 
I like the colour and length of your hair,
Curling down your forehead.

Have I told you about your smile ?
The dimples that come with it.
Your spotless face;
Wonderful dentition;
O! Who made thee?
You stand straight and flawless as a river mermaid.
Your beauty, the dream of every maiden; your sight, the wish of every man.

I’ll kneel at your feet all night
Protect you with all my might
Smile sweetness and let heaven shine upon you their glorious light.
For you any beast I’ll dare,
Stand by your sight; no fear
You are a work of art.
I can’t help;
I will only stare.

Akuchie Gerald was born in Nigeria and grew up in Abuja. He plays the guitar. He goes to the gym house on Saturdays. He writes something every week. He is studying English in Imo state University.

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