Black Boy Review


They say an eye for an eye makes the world go blind, yet there’s no medication for the desire for vengeance that burns within the embers of the soul. No comedy with just enough distraction, no cure for a broken hymen, no energy to perform the conventional task following the clichéd “let go” litany. It is amazing how one can let go of one thing, only to take up several others; armed for a battle of one, with bullets meant for any head that won’t duck; words for someone that’s not listening, uncontrollable flashbacks of images bearing fresh pain…the very things that needs to be let go.
Time, they also say, takes every pain away, but my question is, how long? How long before someone else pays for the crime of another? Before a genuine friend is lost to the fear of trusting again? Before a heartbreak makes one heartless, believing the lie that that is the only way to survive? Just how long before it ruins our relationships? And so it was, that before I could heal of my hurt, I had already hurt the people in my life.

So, this is an apology to every one I have treated badly as a result of the maimed perception of people and their behaviors that I had. To every man that have been bitten by my “all men are evil” venom-filled fangs. To the ones I shut the door of my heart against, or gotten into theirs just so I could get my pound of flesh. For every trust I shattered and for every heart I broke, I bring the pieces back.

Perchance, time would mend them together again…like it did mine.

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