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DEAR ECO WORLD, by Sandra Ngozi Nwaubani


Dear Eco-World,
You may not know me
But I know of you
You may actually know me,
Me who interrupts your unholy interactions at night,
Your version of my daytime
I long to see your world
Your vast Kingdoms
Whence you originated from

Your sinful world of elimination
And surviving your own genuine evil practices
Keeps me wondering about your faithlessness on humanity
Because of that I hate your lies!
Of evolution to be like us
You secretly relay your messages
Throughout in your Kingdoms languages

For that, we punish you!
Continuously collecting more and more of your species
For our unending experiments
Oh, you must hate humanity
And their ultimate intelligence
You must feel cheated to serve the human race
You have no intelligence but innocence
You have hatred and anger for me
Yet I feed you
Leave pieces of my meals for you
Then you feast with your members
I spy your crusades at night
Your allied forces you send
To smite the unforgivable humans
With all your nature’s endowment

Oh! Eco-World, I love when I hear from you
Despite your anger
You constantly supply
Our mother nature’s wonders!

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