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Homecoming (by Chimezie Chika)


The trees posed
No sudden intrusion
Into this train.

My thoughts
Fleeted away like the trees
Past this moving train

Vision of past
Mingled and mangled
The present.

The spirit walks
Backwards towards
The vague
Retrospection of events.

The spirit roamed
Among the debris
Of the past,
Reeking in mutilation.

Splashes of human vulnerability
That exiled
The freedom of man
That chased him out
Matchet in hand
The house of exile.

Return is imminent
As the treshold
Opens its benign
Mouth to swallow me

The halcyon of forest whispers
And singing beings

Homecoming becomes
The moment of open arms
And warm embraces.

(Chimezie Chika is a young Nigerian writer born twenty years ago. He is interested in human experiences and condition; these drive his writing. He has been published in blogs such as WRRpoetry and Lyriversity.)

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