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SUNSHINE SONG by Sodiq Alabi.



There will be sunshine
after this call.
See the way it springs
It will begin from the brightness
of your smile,
the luster of your teeth.
It will lift its soul to kiss
the curvatures of your voice
when your chord lays into music
the emotion you bear

There will be sunshine
when your eyes feast again
on my lips,
I see you measure the diameter
calculating the area when

I flap them against each other
as you find the order of my beards
you run the data your cheeks rise

The mathematics you do on my lips
shows in the intensity of the ride
the way the feast is handled
as there is sunshine
in the oxygen we reach for during each break
in the laser trace of your tongue
in its embrace of the ensemble
in your grip of my neck,
so gentle the rhythm.

Sodiq Alabi writes poetry and prose and his work has been published in both online and print publication since 2006 when he made his debut on Lulu’s He lives in Abuja, where he presently works as a communications strategist.

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3 Responses

  1. This is the work of heart, truely there is sunshine all over the world. Keep it up. We shall continue shining to eternal life.

  2. Brilliant poem, short and concise, well articulated and deeply emotional. And i’m sure there was sunshine again.

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