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Tell Me The Cadence Of His Laughter (By Uche Omar)


that’s laughable
you stand there,pitting yourself against me
thinking you can have me bested.
Do you know him
as much as I do?

Do you know the waves in which his hairs grow?
Have you crammed the thudding of his feet
as he climbs a flight of stairs?
Can you tell what haunts his dreams;
raison d’etre of his insomnia?
And you stand there, pitting yourself against me!

Have you ever held him when he shook in pain,
heard the cacophony,
the hiccups of his sobs?

Tell me how he smells when the sun’s rays have been too hard on him.
How does he yawn when he is hungry?
Has he ever lain in your arms in that foetal posture
as a child lies,recieving warmth from the uterus?

Tell me the cadence of his laughter,
the melody of his voice,
the rythm of his heartbeat.

See, I have known him,
known him so well most times I wonder
what to make of my knowledge.

In me is a little radar
built in just for him.
I can spot him in a maze,
find his in a sea of faces.
His scents are my congenial company
when he is gone.

and you,
hands akimbo,
stand there,
eyes rolling,
mouth pouting,
thinking you have me bested!

(Uche Omar(pen name of Ucheoma Onwutuebe) is a Nigerian writer. She blogs at

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