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The Best Poem (by Stephen Dick)


The best poem is not
Of paper nor is it of pen
It is of body and mind
That is now from then
When you flirt your words
Into eyes of men
And to be sugar
You don’t have to pretend
Beauty will keep
Your ‘start’ from ‘end’
And your words from depth
Will be 9 from 10

The best poem isn’t written
For words aren’t enough
The best poem is made
Because it is love
So touch your lines
Asmooch on love’s curves
And kiss your rhymes
With a kiss of ‘lip-cuffs’
Rub passion where
The sun left off
And the best poem
Will come the moon off

(c) Stephen Dick. 5/6/13

(Stephen is a reputable Nigerian Poet whose works have appeared in various publications.)

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