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THE MORNING AFTER by Kwabena Agyare Yeboah



4th, July, 2014.
Asonomaso – Ashanti.

It rained last night. It rained this morning.  The  sound of the power
plant   echoes in the calm morning breeze.  The kids play. The birds
chirp.  Hens  wander.  Out of the tunnels, come –

morning raise beyond the horizons
claiming  unto itself a new song

hearts burn like candlelight on a night of a date,
a  reminder of when lovers swept to the wind
It must be a morning after they  painted each other’s lips with kisses
and danced to one more  melody

fingers read skins
breath hugs bodies

life scripts love with a lamp

The drizzle drips  as a picture of  lovers
there it engraves their names on rocks of time

 signpost is when love is perfect –
their  smiles  pave eternity
and rest on the clouds as a star

testimony –
the leaves will remain spotless
in honour of two crazy hearts

and  their love
will sprout like a seedling
and  will be permanent  like names etched on glass.

Kwabena Agyare Yeboah writes from Kumasi, Ghana his home city where he
works as a technical writer. He blogs at

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