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THE STORY OF SLEEP by Yvonne Onyinye.



Let me tell you a story
Of sleeping pills
And nightmares.
Falling asleep, I fear,
Isn’t that a form of death?
Dreams, I fear more,
Isn’t that some kind of magic?
Waking up without an idea
Of the walls you walked across,
The seas you walked on,
That I fear most.
Sleeping pills cure my pain
And put my sober mind to sleep.
Intoxicated spirits and__
Sexually perveted souls
Are laid to rest,
just a pop of a pill does the trick.
It’s never over I tell you.
In a self-permitted death,
You lay unconscious
And walk through cities,
Cities without clocks,
Mirrors without reflections.
And erected treasure houses,
That hold your deepest secrets.
But the cock’s crow__
Brings you back to life.
“Oh it was a nightmare”, you say
Sleeping pills never chase them away.


You can reach the poet on Facebook with Yvonne Onyinye.

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