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Titi (Flash fiction by Uzoma Ihejirika)




When I heard that she was dead, my blood ran cold and a deathly chill descended on the room as I dropped the receiver. I turned to her.
“Titi…” I swallowed hard. “Is it true?”
“What?” she asked, pulling the sheets up to her chest.
“Is…is it true…that you’re dead?”
She stared at me incredulously, as though I was stupid. “What sort of question is that? Who then do
you think is before you?”
“Yes. But…Okay, wait.” I quickly dialled Bisi, my
sister’s number. She picked the call.
“Hello?” she said.
“Yeah, Bisi. Please what you said about my Titi…is that really true?”
“Oh.” Guilt filled her voice. “I’m really sorry if I gave you a scare. I didn’t mean to. I was talking about the other Titi, the one back in secondary school.
Your crush, remember?”
“Oh.” I felt calm return to me. “Thank God for that. Okay, Bisi. Later.” I dropped the receiver. “Titi, please
forgive me. It was a mistake. I…” My words were left
hanging in the air. Titi wasn’t there anymore.

Uzoma Ihejirika is a student of the University of Nigeria.

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