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Art in the Time of Corona Virus : A new Chapbook Out Now


Praxis Magazine Online has just presented a new digital chapbook of essays, Through the Eye of a Needle: Art in the Time of Coronavirus, edited by Darlington Chibueze Anuonye:
Through the Eye of a Needle is born out of a gentle but fearless attention to the sudden changes overtaking the world before our eyes. It subsumes the testimonies of various artists caught, but not trapped, in the fearsome web of the pandemic. Although these artists, like the rest of us, partake in the anxiety of our age, they do not lament so inconsolably about their private loss. They rather transcend their own misfortune in their humane attempt to comfort the grieving world, ultimately establishing kinship with the dead and the dying, proving, especially in this time of physical lockdown, that the warmth art offers can dispel loneliness and chase away fear.”

Please see link here for full story :

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