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Content Policy

Thank you for checking in this page!
My name is Ese, and I work with Black Boy Review
I am happy that you found us and would like that we help review your work. The guidelines below will help you have an idea of all our terms and everything regarding our review & author interview policy.
Please note that we only read African literature
We Do Not Accept the Following:
1. Graphic novels
2. Horror books
3. Religious novels
4. Inspirational books
5. Science fiction
6. Books we have to pay for
We Only Accept:
1. Literary fiction
2. Poetry
3. Non fiction
4. Children’s literature
We Can’t Accept;
1. Ebooks
2. Audio books
We prefer to work with publishers directly.
Our preference is a physical copy, paperback, delivered to our desired address.
Author Interviews
We do not want an author lobbying for an interview, except on special occasions. We only go for the authors we really want to talk to. This is a major part of the work that we do, so we have loads and loads of interview requests that we sometimes run away from. In cases that a publisher wants us to engage with their author, they must send a proper email to stating reasons why they really need the interview.
We prefer to consider interview requests from publishers than when they are coming from individual authors.
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Good luck on your writing!

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