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Feel Good is a Nigerian Anthology of Short Stories Celebrating Queer Joy


This is a Press Release from Wuruwuru

wuruwuru, an independent maker collective from Lagos, is proud to present Feel Good, an anthology of short stories written by eight of Nigeria’s most gifted queer storytellers: Edwin Okolo, Innocent Ilo, Ani Kayode, OluTimehin Kukoyi, Adeniyi Ademoroti, Olakunle Ologunro, Mariam Sule-Izuagbe, and Fareeda Abdulkareem.

Produced by Daniel Orubo and Opemipo Aikomo, and beautifully designed by Studio Null, Feel Good was born out of a desire to see more joyful representations of the queer experience in media. With this project, which concluded its month-long rollout in November, we wanted to tell stories where queer protagonists found love, community and healing.

About the project, Opemipo Aikomo, the founder of wuruwuru and co-producer of Feel Good, said: “Daniel [Orubo] did a great job directing Hanky Panky, our first animated short, and when we were done, I wanted to help bring one of his ideas to life as well. We agreed to make a book together, and Feel Good was born.”

About why this was the story he wanted to tell, Daniel Orubo, the producer and editor-in-chief of Feel Good, added: “I consume a lot of queer content across various mediums, and what I realised is that queer characters rarely get their happily ever after. I wanted to do my own small part to offset all that sadness and trauma.”

The reactions to the project have been unanimously positive, with literary enthusiasts taking to X (formerly Twitter) to express their love for Feel Good as a whole, as well as the individual stories that have resonated with them. Olakunle Ologunro’s The Mathematics of Hooking Up, in particular, has quickly become a fan favourite.

All eight stories that make up the anthology explore the nuances of queerness through a Nigerian lens, imbuing each narrative with an air of hopefulness. Feel Good is available to read for free here.

What people are saying about Feel Good

“This project is amazing, and I’m in awe.” — Albert Uwem on Feel Good

“Lord, I enjoyed this.” — Treasure Aminu on Edwin Okolo’s A Bookish Affair

“Storyelling is phenomenal.” — Nazom Ngiri on Olakunle Ologunro’s The Mathematics of Hooking Up

“This is so good. Ate it greedily.” — Okechi Okeke on Innocent Ilo’s The House of Akwusianubaogu

“Every Feel Good story has left me feeling really good.” — Ibukun Fola-Bolumole on Mariam Sule-Izuagbe’s Wake Me Up When Love Is Enough

About wuruwuru

wuruwuru is an independent maker collective from Lagos. Started in 2020 by Opemipo Aikomo, the studio funds, designs and produces spirited works of art to sustain creative talent in Nigeria.

In three years, wuruwuru has produced an online comic, an animated short film, the pilot to an animated series, a locally-made board game, a digital archive, and Feel Good. The studio has since worked with over 45 creators and paid out close to $100k in commissions.

About starting wuruwuru, Opemipo Aikomo said:

“I started the studio in 2020 to make a magazine but then veered into a handful of odd publishing experiments. In making these projects, I got to meet a lot of interesting people and was inspired to help bring their ideas to life. The studio is a space for self-discovery. Each project is a unique work of art but also a community of practice for learning and documentation.”

Contact Information

For media inquiries, interviews, or additional information, please contact:

Daniel Orubo at

Opemipo Aikomo at

Social Media

These are Feel Good’s social media handles.

X (formerly Twitter): @afeelgoodbook

Instagram: @afeelgoodbook

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