Black Boy Review

Quarantine Book Chat – Engaging Authors, Readers, and Literary Bloggers in the Time of a Pandemic


Black Boy Review started the book chat to create a space for literary artists who are obviously locked down in their different spaces and who are willing to express and talk about their art through social media; especially on Instagram, with the LIVE feature. Chimee Adioha is the creator of Black Boy Review, so he communicated to the guests and got the interviews done.

16 guests were featured on the book chat; including authors and bloggers; as well as academics from India and the USA. The chat was able to achieve a collection of diversity and mix towards literature of this time. While the guests were published, BLACK BOY REVIEW was also majorly interested in using the book chat strategy to promote their works, establish an audience towards their work, as well as amplify their voices.

Conversations sprang from how the pandemic met them wherever they were, and how it has influenced or impacted their work, everything about their writing – and how post COVID-19 writing would seem like. The chats were both honest and free- as mentioned by the guests.

The book chat was strongly supported by Parressia Publishers. Bits of the recordings were sent and saved into the Instagram files for interested audience who may want to view them after.

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