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The Last Time I Went to a Party Was Two Years Ago – Hannu Afere




     Can you tell us something about your new book, anything at all, a summary you would tell a child.
TRINITY is the story of Nigeria by Nigerians. It’s set in an alternate reality that has a bit of everything. There’s sci fi, there are elements of horror. It’s a thriller. But most importantly there’s a lot of political drama in there.
What was the science behind your characters? How did you come up with them? Totally fictional? How do you select their names?
Some of the characters are based off of real life people. Both historical figures and contemporary heroes. I think that anyone who is a student of government or who is conversant with Nigerian politics will be able to see these things
What is the one big message you were trying to pass to your readers?
A revolution has begun. A literary revolution. A political revolution. And we are using comics as a medium. Comic books are not just for children.
Who would you think your story would appeal to the most?
The politically conscious. Lovers of good art.
How was the publishing process for you? How long did it take in all?
The story had been cooking for more than three years. When we were ready, we  completed episode one in a month. The rest, as they say, is history.
Episode two will be out next month.
Do you have favorite authors? Who are your best African writers?
I was raised on a steady diet of Achebe, Soyinka and Ekwensi Cyprian. There were countless others, obviously. But those three gave me the most joy.
Where is your favorite place to write?
My den
Pen or computer?
Pen first. Then I type. I’m old fashioned that way
Have you ever had a tough criticism around your writing?
My manager, Sewedo Nupowaku, is one of the most disciplined people I know. He’s like my personal Buddha. He gives me no room for unprofessionalism. Once he had me write a story that was bad, four times. Each time I had to edit, I felt like a part of me was dying. But it is necessary, this process. We aim to improve with each passing day.
What is the inspiration behind your creativity?
The ecosystem. Everything I see, everything I do not see
Do you have a day job asides writing?
For now, no.
Do you have anything you are working on at this minute?
Yes I do. A screenplay. A chapbook. A novella and a full length novel
How long can you finish a novel?
Writing a novel, that depends on the nature of the story. And if I am ghostwriting, that depends on my employer. Reading a novel, I’m usually done within a few hours.
When last were you at a party?
Two years ago
Can you tell us what you are reading presently?
Chuma Nwokolo’s ‘’The Extinction Of Menai’’
What is your best social media network?
When last did you see a movie?
Yesterday. I am seeing another this evening.
Where is the best place to meet your fellow writers?
I dont know. Writers are mostly solitary creatures, aren’t they? Whenever I’m invited I usually make a conscious effort to show up though
Do you Google at the middle of your writing, maybe to find out a thing or two?
Always. The research is like foreplay. Makes things more interesting
What is your view on fashion?
Comfort over aesthetics. I like being comfortable always.

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