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KISUMU CITY (by Socrates Mbamalu)


The crowd ahead filled him with curiosity. Chains of thoughts formed in his mind. What could be the cause of the gathering? The political climate in the country had been tense after the ethnic clashes that took place few years ago. Was it a political rally? Thoughts bombarded his mind. The crowd did not look angry. It therefore could not be the lynching of a thief. Only few things attracted a crowd of such size. It was either a crusade or a thief being beaten. Maybe the normal promos and bonanzas organised by various companies. As he tried to study the mood of the crowd, amongst them young boys and girls, there was this sense of electric excitement. The older men and women carried branches of leaves and chanted praise names. Surely it could not be the coronation of a chief. He would have heard about it.
The source of the crowd’s excitement still remained a puzzle to him. He asked the ‘bodaboda’ to stop and paid his fare. He squeezed himself through the sweaty bodies of some smelly persons. There was no need to apologize in such a rowdy place. Everybody was occupied with excitement. As he pushed his way through, pulling some people backwards, he suddenly found himself at the front. The crowd had formed a circle around the objects of excitement. Two cocks fighting.

( Socrates is a young poet and short story writer. More of his works would appear here.)

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