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When we shall stand,
shoulder to shoulder
to measure time in retospect
and view tracks stained
with our soles.
We will know whose song
to sing.

When we shall stoop
on the eve of our departure
and search through our
entire oddments;men will
bleed like the plantain tree.
Men shall set like stones.

All will stare at the fragments of our vanity
which wore our humanity;
staging us like clown,with
no pause to ponder,
no quite introspection!

When at last we shall stand
shoulder to shoulder
with our receding shadow,
we will know if a dirge
or carol should be sung.

Light Obi, is a poet and shortstory writer. “when we shall stand” is culled from his forthcoming poetry collection,titled, “a mourner’s mantra”.

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  1. Nice poetry. Of course by the dawn of tommorrow, when we stand shoulder to shoulder, we shall measure time and we shall know who has done well and who has not!

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