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Okay; The Diary of a Stupid Boyfriend have been making some noise in the Nigerian literary community. The joy is to get a copy for yourself. The BlackBoy Review team tagged it the most demanding self published book by a hardworking Nigerian writer. The author; Bura Bari Nwilo doesn’t wait for you to come for the book; He looks for you and hands the book to you. When our team saw the book; we thought it was the boring kind of diary; but my people; no, It wasn’t. The Diary of a Stupid Boyfriend will keep you at a place until you skip your meals; because those lines are things better than meals. Bura Bari Nwilo is a creator of words that make you throw up your legs while laughing. He is actually studying English in University of Nigeria. Chimee Adioha of Black Boy Review conducted this flash interview with him last week.

BBR: Did your childhood affect your writing in any way.

BURA BARI: Yes, it did a great deal. I am still growing and what I confront and the things that confront me form a chunk of me. So I would say, my childhood affects my writing, the fondness of it and sometimes the tragedies.

BBR: What inspired you to write “The Diary of a Stupid Boyfriend”?

BURA BARI: I had a relationship for about four years. A lot of things went wrong. The period the idea to write the diary came up, things were not really perfect. I wrote to envision the idealistic part of relationship. For me, relationship, like marriage should empower the partner to greater things. It should energise and spur. When it is not doing any of these things then I think something is wrong.


BBR: How long did it take you to write TDOASB and what were the challenges you faced while writing.

BURA BARI: I started in 2012, months to the breakup. But it took me two more years to decide if I wanted to have it in a book form. The challenges are not different from what every young Nigerian faces. There is the question of electricity and sanity. For me, it means a lot. I lived in an apartment with my siblings and since they are all younger, I had to shout just to make them understand that I needed some peace.
BBR: What is behind your book title, it is a different one.

BURA-BARI: While this may not be feminist as expected or speculated, I think to be happy in Nigeria, there is a need to be called stupid, since your actions may not go well with popular opinion.


BBR: What particular message did you try to pass in TDOASB

BURA BARI: While I didn’t pick up a pen to pass a message despite the non-fiction-ness of the writing, I encouraged healthy relationship. I can’t do without sex in a relationship but I respect the fact that many others may not. I try to put people right where I may be wrong. My life is an experience, being lived so you don’t make as much mistakes as I made. Relationship can work properly and efficiently with minimal or no sex.

BBR: Who are your role models. How have they helped your craft.

BURA BARI: Role models, people I wish to be like? Okay. They are quite much. I want to be like all the writers I have read. And you have to find that out by following me. I can type their names. They are quite much, especially fiction writers.

BBR: What issues do you think need to be fixed in Nigeria

BURA BARI: Hian. Nigeria is a house of too many problems. Books should be published without stress. The business should pay. Distribution and fellowship should work. I want all these things fixed. Thanks.

BBR: What would be your take on the progress of Nigerian literature.

BURA BARI: People are writing. The direction has changed from challenging stereotypes. I think people are becoming more liberated. People are writing about food, sex and money. I think we are growing out of the old us and it is quite interesting.

BBR: Where can people get your books.

BURA BARI: Distrubtion is a problem; but it’s not a problem if anyone wants to read it.


BBR: We need an excerpt of just few words from your book.

BURA BARI: You can find excerpt online. In short, the entire content is online. Type the name and the title. Thanks.

So, that is it. If you need a copy; just contact us here on our contact page. Your book will come to you.

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